Development of the company's brand book

Web studio QuatroIT will create a unique and creative brand book and corporate style for your business.

Why is a corporate identity need?

Used to create a positive image and visual identity for your business, and is an important element of a company's brand strategy and growth.

  • 01Awareness
  • Helps the company look unique and easily recognizable among competitors.
  • 02Trust
  • A unified visual style indicates to potential clients the professionalism and reliability of the organization.
  • 03Communication
  • By incorporating branding into all types of communications, from logo, website and social media to advertising creative, brand perception and identity are strengthened.
  • 04Growth
  • By adding new services or expanding the business, the company’s identity allows you to maintain the conceptual brand and ensures quick recognition among the audience.

How is a corporate style developed?

The process of developing a corporate style begins with an analysis of the brand, its goals and values. Based on research, a concept is created, including a unique logo, color palette and fonts that reflect the company’s style.

At the next stage, designers develop all the main elements of the identity, the list of which is approved before the start of work, and upon completion is tested and agreed upon with the customer.

The final step is to document branding standards and disseminate them to all stakeholders to ensure consistency across the organization’s various materials.

Stages of brand book creation

The whole process is divided into stages. You can use our services both comprehensively and selectively.


A detailed examination of the brand, its activities and target audience to determine the uniqueness and identity of the company.


Development of ideas and graphic elements that reflect the key advantages of the organization and define the future corporate style.


Finalization of the concept, creation of design layouts for your organization’s identity, taking into account all the necessary key elements.


Agreeing on the final look of the corporate style with the client, with the possibility of making minor amendments if necessary.

Technologies and tools

These tools help us create modern company brand books for our clients.

An online design platform for creating and prototyping web interfaces and applications.

Adobe Photoshop

A popular graphic design and photo editing application that provides various tools for working with raster graphics.

Adobe Illustrator

Vector graphic editor used in the field of creating logos, illustrations, and marketing materials.

Adobe After Effects

The program for working with video and animation is designed for creating commercials and editing various multimedia projects.


We've collected some of the most common responses from our sales team.
How long does it take to develop a company's corporate identity?

The timing of the implementation of the company’s brand book depends on various factors and is always discussed individually with you. On average, a full-fledged design of all stages of creating a corporate identity takes 2–4 weeks, more details about the deadline can be said after the approval of the technical task and its development.

How much does it cost to create a turnkey identity?

The cost of work in each case is calculated individually for the client based on the required amount of work and other factors. More detailed pricing can be found on our Prices page or from our managers.

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