Website prototype development

Web studio QuatroIT creates visual models, graphic elements, navigation and key sections on the site prototype so that you can see the structure and functionality of your future website.

Why is a website prototype needed?

A graphical model of a future project allows you to define and set the concept of a web resource before its actual development, helping to speed up the development of design layouts.

  • 01Visualization
  • Helps replicate all concepts and ideas, allowing clients and team to understand what the final product will look like.
  • 02Testing
  • Allows you to test the functionality of the site even before full development, identify possible problems with the placement of elements and optimize ease of use for your client.
  • 03Involvement
  • It simplifies communication between specialists and the customer, allowing the client to express their wishes and make adjustments to the graphic layout before developing the design.
  • 04Design
  • Helps determine the structure of pages and their graphical appearance, the arrangement of elements and their interaction, which facilitates the development process of the next stages.

How is a website prototype design?

At the first stages, the manager and the designer get acquainted with the task and organization, collect basic requirements from the client, analyze the target audience and goals of the site.

Then a structure, main categories and a navigation map of the future project are created. Next, graphical sketches of the pages are developed, defining the placement of elements, navigation and static texts.

The final stages are testing and approval by the customer of the work done, taking into account possible developments and corrections. The prototype is ready for further implementation by the designer into the final layouts of the web resource.

Prototyping stages

The whole process is divided into stages. You can use our services both comprehensively and selectively.


A detailed examination of the brand, its activities and target audience to determine the uniqueness and identity of the company.


Developing ideas, structures and core categories that reflect the organization's key strengths and define the future direction for sketching.


Finalization of the concept, creation of graphic sketches of the future website of your organization, taking into account all the necessary key elements.


Agreeing on the final form of the corporate identity with the client, with the possibility of making minor amendments, and starting to develop the design.

Technologies and tools

These tools help us create modern and functional website designs and sketches for our clients.

An online design platform for creating and prototyping web interfaces and applications.

Adobe Photoshop

A popular graphic design and photo editing application that provides various tools for working with raster graphics.

Adobe Illustrator

Vector graphic editor used in the field of creating logos, illustrations, and marketing materials.

Adobe After Effects

The program for working with video and animation is designed for creating commercials and editing various multimedia projects.


We've collected some of the most common responses from our sales team.
How long does it take to develop a prototype of a company website?

The timing of prototyping depends on various factors and is always discussed individually with you. On average, a full-fledged graphic design of all stages of sketches takes 1–2 weeks, more details about the deadline can be said after the approval of the technical task and its processing.

How much does it cost to create turnkey sketches?

The cost of work in each case is calculated personally for the client based on the required amount of work and other factors. More detailed pricing can be found on our Prices page or from our managers.

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