Turnkey development on PHP frameworks Laravel and Yii2

Highly loaded and functional projects of any complexity. Web-studio of quality solutions QuatroIT is a reliable partner from idea to leadership in your niche.
Why do you need to develop a project in PHP?
High performance

Ensures fast web application response for the client.

Project scaling

Seamless expansion of functionality as your business grows.

Safety and reliability

Various protection mechanisms against potential threats and attacks.

Features of sites based on PHP frameworks

Development of web projects in Laravel or Yii2 is a guarantee of high efficiency and convenience for clients. Ready-made components and highly structured code ensure high development speed and make projects more scalable in the selection of functionality. Thanks to built-in security features, your website and database will be more reliably protected from various types of attacks.

Optimizing the performance and efficiency of web projects becomes a priority thanks to built-in tools. There are many active developer communities that ensure that the frameworks are up-to-date and supported, allowing you to create websites to modern standards. The importance of continuous support and updating of the framework determines its long-term relevance. The integration ecosystem of Laravel or Yii2 allows you to effectively combine the framework with a variety of tools to achieve optimal functionality of the web resource.

Our QuatroIT team will be happy to cooperate with you and show their knowledge in practice.

Stages of development of high-load projects

The whole process is divided into stages. You can use our services both in combination and selectively.

Collection and analysis of information

We conduct a detailed analysis of the niche and help the client to form an understanding of the site’s audience goals. We discuss the requirements, main functions and select a technical solution for the project.

Design and interface

Based on the analysis, we create a prototype, design layouts, including graphics, style and select a color scheme. We develop a convenient user interface, and if necessary, a logo and brand book for the company.

Coding and programming

We create adaptive software code, internal logic and database for the site in accordance with modern quality standards and integrate it into the admin panel for easy editing of content and pages.

Content filling

Adding text, images, videos and other materials. We optimize content for SEO (search engine optimization), check the spelling and structure of completed elements.

Testing and start

We finally check the site on different browsers and devices. We help with placing the project on the server and launching it into production. If necessary, we provide SEO, marketing and technical support.

One of the largest companies in Ukraine selling agricultural machinery, spare parts, seeds, plant protection products and fertilizers.
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  • Responsive
  • Programming
  • Support
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Technologies and tools

These development methods help us create modern and functional Laravel or Yii2 projects for our clients.

The latest version of a markup language standard used to create and structure web pages.


A style sheet standard used to stylize the appearance and design of a project, making it more creative and responsive.


A programming language that allows you to add various functionalities, dynamic and interactive elements.


A popular programming language needed to create websites or web applications. It has open source code, a large number of different libraries, provides high performance and stability of the project.

Yii2 framework

A framework in the PHP programming language with its own set of tools, which is used to create complex web projects with non-standard functionality.


An open and popular PHP framework that allows developers to create modern, scalable and high-performance web resources.


An online design platform for creating and prototyping web interfaces and applications.


A database management system used to store, edit, and manage structured information.


We've collected some of the most common responses from our sales team.
How to choose a platform for a future project?

During the control panel choosing, you have to determine your basic needs and budget, and consider the size and scale of your business. Consider solutions using the PHP frameworks Yii2 or Laravel, based on your needs and capabilities. You can contact the QuatroIT team, we will be happy to help you make the right choice at all stages of cooperation.

How long does it take to create a website?

The timing of the project depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the required functionality, the availability of ready-made content, the amount of work, and much more. On average, the full development of a high-load web resource takes more than 5-6 months. More details about the deadline can be said after the technical task has been approved and processed.

How much does it cost to complete everything turnkey?

The cost of work in each case is calculated individually for the client, based on the required functionality and various factors mentioned in the question about the timing. The average cost of websites on frameworks starts from $12,000. More detailed pricing can be found on our Prices page or from our managers.

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